The previous bowls were a combination of two media - wood and stone. I was looking at various media and wanted to do something in acrylic. I also wanted to do something more abstract - an expression of human emotion.

    Since the lathe makes it easy to make circles. My idea was to invent a simple symbol using arcs and circles. As an example, an already existing symbol is the Chinese symbol for Yin / Yang. It is simple and composed entirely of arcs and circles.

    I have a photo of "The Woman of my Dreams" standing with me. She is shorter and on my left. Taking this image and simplifying it to the extreme, then expressing it with circles and arcs, I came up with this simple form.

    Many have commented that it reminds them of the sun and moon. I enjoy hearing other's interpretations of the symbol. Since it represents the partnership between "The Woman of my Dreams" and myself, there is something appealing to the sun/moon analogy because of the integral partnership those two heavenly bodies represent.

    The rock group, The Who, sing a song called "Bargain". Some of the lyrics are:

"One and one don't make two, One and one make one...."

That fits perfectly with what I intended to represent with this piece, so I call it "1+1=1".

    It is acrylic with wood veneer (it is 2 1/2 inches in diameter) . . .

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Acrylic Sculpture: "1+1=1"      Piece # 003

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