The segmented alabaster bowl (# 004) was a big confidence builder. My processes and skills had finally come of age and I was now ready to take on even more. So I purchased additional stone in a variety of colors from Neolithic Stone to create the colorful segments for this next piece.

    All the previous experimentation paid off. This next turning incorporates all the lessons learned, up to this point. And of course, it also provided plenty of its own.

    The finish on this bowl was the final experiment. I actually finished it twice (re-sanding and polishing) before turning it again in the lathe to start anew. I wanted a nice shine to give the colors some depth and character. It took a few attempts and I am now quite pleased. The alabaster is quite translucent and makes a good contrast for the colored stone segments.

    Here is the computer model and the finished bowl along with a closeup to show more of the details of the segments. You can see the simple symbol of "1+1=1" is incorporated as an emblem on the front. The Pau Ferro wooden box is padded and lined with Velvet. It is intended as a place to put the bowl for safe keeping or as a pedestal for display.

    Segmented Stone Bowl with Lid (it is seven inches in diameter) . . .


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Lidded Segmented Stone Bowl and Pau Ferro Box      Piece # 005
(Alabaster, Pyrophyllite, Soapstone)
    For Sale - $12,000
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