The finishing and polishing process for Piece # 005 was tedius and time consuming. I wanted to experiment to see if there was a simpler (or at least less tedious) method. To do so, I needed another item to experiment with.

    I had some smaller pieces of stone left over from previous work, and decided to use some of them to make another small bowl. To be able to create this with a minimum of setup, I used the same templates as with Piece # 004.

    To add some interest, I included the "1+1=1" symbol (from Piece # 003) in the bottom of this bowl.

    The stone used is Alabaster and Pyrophyllite. There are a total of 29 distinct segments (and the bowl is 5 inches in diameter) . . .

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Segmented Alabaster and Pyrophyllite Bowl      Piece # 006

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